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  1. What is employment discrimination?
  2. What types of employment cases does your office provide representation in?
  3. What is a whistleblower?
  4. What is a wage and hour claim?
  5. What is a hostile work environment?
  6. What is retaliation?
  7. What is the procedure to bring a claim?
  8. How much is the attorney fee?
  9. How do I prove my case?


What is employment discrimination?

The term “discriminate” refers to a difference in the way someone is treated that injures protected individuals. It can take many forms including losing one’s job, failure to be promoted, direct harassment and retaliation for complaining about discrimination. Being treated differently because of who you are is painful, and can have significant economic consequences. Discrimination can threaten someone’s livelihood and deprive them of the opportunity to advance based on their hard work and skill.

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What types of employment cases does your office provide representation in?

The Law Office of Mark Lee provides representation in the areas of race, age, gender and disability discrimination. Representation is also available for whistleblower and wage claim cases.

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What is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is someone who reports corrupt or illegal practices happening in the workplace. A whistleblower case can involve violations of environmental laws, health laws, fraud against the government and violations of various other laws and regulations. In many cases, it it illegal to retaliate against or terminate the whistleblower for reporting the illegal conduct. If you believe that you have a whistleblower claim call me without delay to further discuss your case.

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What is a wage and hour claim?

Basically a wage and hour claim involves an employee who is not getting paid what the law requires. It can take the form of a violation of minimum wage or overtime laws, or just not getting paid for work you have done as well as other forms. Due to the number and type of different claims that can be brought you should consult with an attorney for further details. Call the Law Office of Mark Lee for a free consultation.

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What is a hostile work environment?

A hostile work environment is a situation where an employee such severe and pervasive conduct based on protected class, that it affects the terms or conditions of employment. It can take the form of verbal harassment and other forms of conduct. Such conduct can have a significant effect on a person’s mental health and can cause severe stress and in some cases even trauma. Depending on the level of conduct experienced in some cases employees receive substantial verdicts or financial settlements. If you believe you are in a discriminatory hostile work environment call the Law Office of Mark Lee today for a consultation about your case.

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What is retaliation?

Retaliation has been discussed to some extent under the “whistleblower” FAQ. One particular form of retaliation that can come up in discrimination cases is where the employee who is experiencing discrimination complains and is then fired or subject to some other form of retaliation for complaining. This act in and of itself is illegal and can give rise to a cause of action.

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What is the procedure to bring a claim?

The procedure can vary depending on the individual facts of the case. For certain defendants there is a specific claim filing procedure that has to be followed before the case can be brought in court. In all cases there is a statute of limitations that has to be met to bring a case in court and the defendant has to be properly served with the summons and complaint. Failure to meet the statute of limitations deadline will result in your case being time barred and you will not be able to bring your claim.

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How much is the attorney fee?

In most case the client cannot afford to pay the attorney an hourly rate fee. As a result I generally charge what is known as a contingency fee. This is a fee arrangement where the attorney is paid a certain percentage of the total recovery obtained in the case. Federal and State law also provide for hourly attorney fees recovery from the defendant being sued if there is a successful result for the plaintiff (the person who was discriminated against or subject to illegal conduct). Therefore in some cases, the contingency fee is combined with any hourly rate recovery obtained from the other side.

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How do I prove my case?

Proving a case generally falls into two categories 1) liability and 2) damages. Liability requires proving the other side committed the unlawful act or acts. Cases usually involve a combination of factors that work together to prove the case. Facts such as statements made, differential treatment between employees and a lack of credible explanations for why an employee was subjected to negative treatment can all help to build a case. Damages also are often proved by a combination of factors. The length of time someone worked on a job, the severity of their treatment, and their job prospects for the future can all go into how damages are determined.

The law protects those individuals who are the victims of illegal acts in the workplace and provides for a remedy and recovery. If you believe you have a case all my office without delay. I would be glad to speak with you.

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